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Our Mission Statement

The mission of St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School is to share Christ through academic excellence.

In order to accomplish this mission, we set forth these objectives: 

  • To treat each child as God’s own 

  • To teach Christian ideals and ethics by which to live 

  • To provide quality leadership by example 

  • To instill self-pride and self-respect while striving to be "Christ-like" 

  • To bring the fundamental principles of reasoning and creative thinking to each child 

  • To provide quality education in all areas (academic, spiritual, social, physical, and emotional) 

  • To provide a testing program to see if academic objectives are being met 

  • To provide extracurricular activities for the students 

Our school, which is a ministry of St. John Lutheran Church and Emmanuel Lutheran Church, is associated with over 2,000 other schools in the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. The school is under the supervision of the St. John – Emmanuel School Board, which in turn is responsible to the congregations. The board meets monthly and visitors are welcome. Our teachers are graduates of our Synodical colleges which specialize in preparing men and women for full-time work in Christian education, have participated in the Synodical colloquy program, or are practicing Missouri Synod Lutherans. They are fully qualified and certified according to state requirements. Above all, our teachers are dedicated to their Lord and Savior, and they view each student as a child of God. As such, the child is to be shown the love of Jesus by word and example both in and out of the classroom. 

Our History

For more than 150 years, the ministry at St. John Lutheran Church (Flatrock) has included a Christian day school. The school has since grown to include our sister congregation, Emmanuel Lutheran Church (Soest).

With the same principles that founded our school all those years ago, St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School is looking toward our bright future with our roots firmly planted in our cherished past. However, St John-Emmanuel boasts more than just a long history. We are also proud to say that of the annual Top 10 Heritage High School graduates, St. John-Emmanuel graduates place several consistently in that top ten every year. As successful as our students have been, we continue to strive to meet individual needs and best practices in learning so our students are provided many different educational opportunities. We continue to incorporate technology into our students lives in and outside the classroom in a God pleasing manner.


School Board + Church Affiliations

Shon McCullough – St. John

David Chappell – Emmanuel

Emma Roy – Emmanuel
Christy Buuck – St. John
Cindy Roy – Emmanuel
Kathy Baker – St. John
Bart Comer – Emmanuel
Jeremy Buuck – St. John
Pastor Christian – St. John
Pastor Henning – Emmanuel


To contact the school board, please send an email to

St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School is an association of St. John (Flatrock) and Emmanuel (Soest) Lutheran churches. The school board which oversees the operations of the school consists of members from both congregations and act on behalf of the association which is the communicant membership of both congregations.