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Financial Aid

Never has it been more affordable to send your child to a Lutheran school!
Contact us to start your conversation about joining the St. John-Emmanuel family.

St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School offers tuition assistance through the Lutheran SGO, the Outreach Scholarship,  and the School Choice Scholarship program from the IDOE. In order to receive money from St. John-Emmanuel Lutheran School for the upcoming school year, please contact the school to get the process started. This combination of scholarship opportunities makes a Lutheran school education possible for your child(ren).


A Volunteer Scholarship is being offered above and beyond scholarships provided by the school or churches. SJE relies on each families’  contribution of time and talents to help the school, our students, and our teachers.

This Volunteer Scholarship provides a maximum award of $400 per student. Your family may apply for a Volunteer Scholarship for each child in kindergarten through eighth grade. This application must be completed by June 1 or an agreed upon date. To qualify for a Volunteer Scholarship, you must agree to:

  1. Volunteer a minimum of five hours per child.

  2. ​Complete the required volunteer hours during the previous  school year (June 1, 2021 through May 31, 2022) to fulfill the requirements of this scholarship and not for another school purpose (i.e. class trip fundraisers). These hours will count for and be awarded the following school year

It is your responsibility to:

  1. Seek out volunteer opportunities.

  2. Document hours worked by signing-in at each volunteer opportunity

  3. Meet the total number of hours required.

Parents, grandparents, the SJE student(s) or adult siblings (18 or older) may fulfill the volunteer hours as required through this scholarship. Any other adult wishing to provide volunteer hours to fulfill the requirements of this scholarship must be approved by the school office.    


The amount applied and awarded for this scholarship is based on hours volunteered the previous school year. Settlement of these funds must occur before the first day of school on August 10, 2022.

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