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SJE Alumni News

We are recognizing the achievements and accomplishments of our alumni. If you have  some news about one of our alumni, please send a picture along with a short write up to Axel Gruen at

JoLynn Hockemeyer Succeeds at Bellmont HS

​Jolynn Hockemeyer, a 2016 graduate of SJE, is one of only 7 students (174 total in her class) at Bellmont High School with a 4.0 GPA. Her parents credit her 9 years at SJE as key to her success at Bellmont in her freshman year.

Lilly Buuck + Sophia Fuhrmann

Class of 2017 SJE Valedictorian & Salutatorian

Lily Buuck and Sophia Fuhrmann were among the 13 8th graders who graduated this year from SJE. Lily Buuck was recognized as the class's valedictorian and Sophia Fuhrmann the class's salutatorian. Congrats to all the graduates and especially to these two for their honors.

Micah Hockemeyer Accepted into Concordia HS Honors Program

​Micah Hockemeyer, a Freshman at Concordia High School and 2016 graduate of SJE has been accepted into the Honors Program there.

Emily Buuck + Sidnie Bienz

Class of 2017 Heritage High School

​2013 SJE alumni Emily Buuck and Sidnie Bienz have been named Valedictorian and Salutatorian respectively. Emily Buuck is attending IU in the fall and Sidnie Bienze is headed to Purdue University.

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